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Lambda Phi Epsilon is the world's largest Asian-interest fraternity. Established at Syracuse University in 2015.
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The world’s largest Asian-interest fraternity



Leaders Among Men


  • Authenticity

    Demonstration of one’s true self to the world, despite external expectations.

  • Courageous Leadership

    Integrity through action towards a more humane world, especially in times of adversity.

  • Cultural Heritage

    Ideas and experiences of a people, transcending the world through generations.

  • Love

    Care and respect for oneself, the brotherhood, and the world.

  • Wisdom

    Pursuit of understanding and its positive application towards one’s life and the world.

Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on February 25, 1981, by principal founder Master Craig Ishigo and a group of eighteen other dedicated men on the campus of the University of California of Los Angeles. Noting that Asian fraternities and sororities at the UC campuses were recognized only as service organizations due to their memberships focus on specific Asian groups and to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, the goal of the founders was to transcend this limitation. The founders hoped to set new and higher standards of excellence for all Asian-interest organizations to follow, while feeling a need to offer a fraternity that would be recognized by the IFC and the Greek system.


While the original charter focused on Asian Pacific Americans, people from all ethnic backgrounds were welcome to join and support the brotherhood of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Their vision was that the members would eventually become the leaders of their respective communities and bridge the gaps that divided the Asian American community through an affiliation with a common organization. Master Craig Ishigo and Darryl L. Mu signed the charter as president and vice president, respectively. Unknowingly, their efforts had set the stage for the emergence of the largest organization of its kind. To this very day, Lambda Phi Epsilon exists as the only international Asian American interest fraternity to be recognized by both the North-American Interfraternity Conference and the National Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Panhellenic Association.


In early fall of 2014, a group of ambitious, bold, and entrepreneurial men from varied backgrounds assembled to form an interest group for the world’s largest Asian interest fraternity at Syracuse University. They went about choosing to name their interest group “Prestige” to illustrate the type of reputation they want their values and outcomes to reflect. Although most of them started out as complete strangers, they quickly forged a bond of brotherhood that strengthened over time as their lofty ideas transformed into tangible feats. Through hosting meaningful service events, facilitating cultural exchanges, and engaging in activist dialogue over the past four months, the interest group enriched the lives of their fellow students and community members. On the morning of March 28, 2015, seven crusading charters established the Charter Class of Syracuse University Lambda Phi Epsilon. A probate show was held on campus on April 4, 2015 to formally introduce the new charters to their multicultural Greek system.

2017.10.19Hosted Screening and Discussion with Emmy Award-Winning Director Marissa AroySyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.10.14Fundraised at United Way Dollar DaySyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.09.22Hosted Hotpot and Chill With Sisters Of Syracuse Kappa Phi LambdaSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.09.11Coordinated Sports Day At Recruitment WeekSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.09.01Tabled at SU/ESF Cultral Welcome FairSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.08.14Brotherhood Hiking at Hong KongLantau IslandHong KongBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.06.22Brothers Meet Up at New York CityNew York CityNew York, New YorkBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.06.08Attended University of Houston Lambdas New Member Installation CeremonyUniversity Of HoustonHouston, TXBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.05.30Visiting Downtown Atlanta Dowtown AtlantaAtlanta, GeorgiaBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.05.28Won Philanthropic Chapter of The Year Award at Fraternity Covention Sheraton Atlanta HotelAtlanta, GeorgiaRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.05,22Attended University of Texas, Arlington Lambdas New member Installation CeremonyUniversity Of Texas, ArlintonArlinton, TexasRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.05.16Attended Cornell Slope DayCornell University ΛΦΕItacha, New York BrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.05.02End of the Year Hotpot Celebration Syracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.05.02End of the AAPI Month Celebration Syracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.22Mr. Asia Gentlemen's PageantSyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.22Junior Active Retreat 2017Syracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.21Relay For LifeSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.2044 Star Gala Awards CeremonySyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.20Delta Class CrossingSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.18Blood Drive with Lambda Theta Alpha and Sigma Lambda UpsilonSyracuse UniversitySyracusePhilanthropyMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.14Greek Awards CeremonySyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.14Brotherhood Study DaySyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.14Paving the Way Alumni PanelSyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.09Greek Week KickoffSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.07Commemorative Lecture with Arden ChoSyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.06AAPI Heritage Month KickoffSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.04.05Syracuse Kappa Phi Lambda ProbateSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.03.29Syracuse University Take Back the NightSyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.03.28Syracuse Lambda Phi Epsilon Two Year AnniversarySyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.03.24Celebrating Syracuse University 147th BirthdaySyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.03.09Kappa Phi Lambda Founders Day CelebrationSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.03.04Korean American Student Association Basketball TournamentSyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.26Social Mixer with Kappa Phi LambdaSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.252017 Founder's Day Celebration VideoSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.242017 Founder's Week Photo Challenge: WisdomSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.232017 Founder's Week Photo Challenge: LoveSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.23Sago FundraiserSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.22United Way Dollar Day Community ServiceSyracuse UniversitySyracuseRecognitionMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.222017 Founder's Week Photo Challenge: Cultural HeritageSyracuse UniversitySyracuseCulturalMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.21Taste of Asia Cultural EventSyracuse UniversitySyracuseCulturalMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.212017 Founder's Week Photo Challenge: Courageous LeadershipSyracuse UniversitySyracuseLeadershipMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.202017 Founder's Week Photo Challenge: AuthenticitySyracuse UniversitySyracuseCulturalMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.07Spring 2017 Recruitment: 2nd General Interest MeetingSyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.06Spring 2017 Recruitment: Sports DaySyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.05Brotherhood Super Bowl Viewing PartySyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.03Spring 2017 Recruitment: Red Envelope Origami EventSyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.02.02Spring 2017 Recruitment: Bowling with the BrothersSyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.01.31Spring 2017 Recruitment: Taco TuesdaySyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.01.30Spring 2017 Recruitment: General Interest MeetingSyracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Richard Yang
2017.01.27Lunar New Year CelebrationSyracuse UniversitySyracuseCulturalMr. Richard Yang
2017.01.18Spring 2017 Involvement Fair Syracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Richard Yang
2017.01.16ΛΦΕ 2017 Chapter Presidents OrientationΛΦΕ International FraternitySan Diego, CALeadershipMr. Richard Yang
2016.12.29DJ Snake in NYC Syracuse ΛΦΕNew York City, NYSocialMr. Richard Yang
2016.12.16Umass Alpha Delta Class ProbateUmass ΛΦΕAmherst, MABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.12.10Gamma Class FormalSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.12.10Brotherhood Lunch at Empire BuffetSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.12.02Gamma Class Crossing Syracuse ΛΦΕSyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.11.22Reunion at BostonSyracuse ΛΦΕBoston, MABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.30Road Trip to Buffalo HalloweenBuffalo ΛΦΕBuffalo, NYBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.28Greek or Treat FASASyracusePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.23Halloween Fright NightSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.21ΑΚΨ Fundraising Scholarship GalaSyracuse ΑΚΨSyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.20Syracuse ΛΦΕ Halloween Candy GramSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracusePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.16Dance the night away with the 'Quest Crew'Syracuse ASIASyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.15Dollar Day Donation FASASyracusePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.07Brotherhood Dinner at Empire BuffetSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.10.03Sexual Assault Awareness Week Syracuse UniversitySyracusePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.09.24ASIA BBQSyracuse ASIAThorndon ParkSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.09.18Kickback with Cornell Lambdas Syracuse ΛΦΕSyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.09.15Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with ASIASyracuse ASIASyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.09.17Adopt A Street with ΣΙΑSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracusePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.09.08American Red Cross Blood DriveSyracuse UniversitySyracusePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.09.07Fall Semester Involvement FairSyracuse UniversityQuadSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.08.27Greek Leadership RetreatFASAMinnowbrook Conference CenterLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.08.26Late Night Involvement FairSyracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.08.25Goon Squad Volunteering Syracuse UniversitySyracuseSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.07.19Brotherhood Skydiving Syracuse ΛΦΕSyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.06.04Reunion at San FranciscoSyracuse ΛΦΕSan Francisco, CABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.06.01Reunion at San DiegoSyracuse ΛΦΕSan Diego, CABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.31Hiking at Grand CanyonSyracuse ΛΦΕGrand Canyon, ArizonaBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.28ΛΦΕ International Convention ΛΦΕ International FraternityPhoenix, ArizonaLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.27Hiking at Camelback MountainSyracuse ΛΦΕEcho Canyon, ArizonaBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.26Dinner with Northern Arizona University ΛΦΕNorthern Arizona ΛΦΕPhoenix, ArizonaBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.22Red Sox Game at Fenway ParkSyracuse ΛΦΕFenway ParkBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.14Class of 2016 GraduationSyracuse UniversityManley FieldRecognitionMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.12Cornell Slope DayCornell University ΛΦΕCornell UniversitySocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.05.07Brotherhood Event: Captain America Civil WarSyracuse ΛΦΕDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.30ASIA Night feat. Kina GrannisASIAGrant AuditoriumCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.29MayfestSyracuse UniversityWalnut ParkSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.29Block PartySyracuse UniversityCarrier DomeSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.25Brotherhood Event: Hein’s BirthdaySyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.23Actives Retreat: Ropes Course Syracuse UniversitySyracuseBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.20Brotherhood Event: BBQSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.1944 Stars of Excellence Awards GalaSyracuse UniversityGoldstein AuditoriumRecognitionMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.18Greek AwardsSyracuse UniversityHendricks ChapelRecognitionMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.16ASIA Semi FormalsASIASheraton HotelCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.15Kidfest!Syracuse UniversityArchbold GymnasiumPhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.15Spring 2016 FormalsSyracuse ΛΦΕAstiRecognitionMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.14SU AAPI Heritage Month: Breaking the Silence! Deconstructing the Stigma of Mental Health Hosted by: ΛΦΕAAPI Heritage MonthHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.13Greek Week Kickoff!Syracuse UniversityWoman's BuildingLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.13Multicultural Greek Council ExperienceSyracuse MGCSchine Student CenterCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.12SU AAPI Heritage Month: Workshop on MicroaggressionsAAPI Heritage MonthHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.09Beta Class CrossingSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.07SU AAPI Hertiage Month: Discussion with Christine HaAAPI Heritage MonthHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.05SU AAPI Heritage Month: The Minority Report Hosted by: ΚΦΛ x ΣΒΡAAPI Heritage MonthMaxwell AuditoriumCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.04.03Final Four in HoustonSyracuse UniversityHouston, TXSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.31SU AAPI Heritage Month Kickoff!AAPI Heritage MonthSchine Student CenterCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.30Take Back The NightSyracuse UniversityHendrick's ChapelLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.29Discussion: Standardized Testing to Enter Elite Public SchoolsAAAS DepartmentHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.20Cornell ΛΦΕ& ΚΦΛ Crossing MixerCornell ΛΦΕCornell UniversitySocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.10ΚΦΛ Presents: Self Defense WorkshopSyracuse ΚΦΛHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.07ΚΦΛ Presents: How Woman Shape Society In STEM FieldsSyracuse ΚΦΛHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.06Brotherhood Event: Bowling at AMF Strike ‘N Spare LanesSyracuse ΛΦΕDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.05SASE Alumni Panel DiscussionsSASECollege of EngineeringLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.05Brotherhood Event: HardwellSyracuse ΛΦΕWestcott TheaterBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.03.02Be The Match Bone Marrow DriveSyracuse ΛΦΕLife Sciences AuditoriumPhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.27ECAASU Conference 2016ECAASURutgers UniversityCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.26Brotherhood Event: Bryan Dosono’s BirthdaySyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.25Founder’s Day Egg Tart and Coconut Sago FundraiserSyracuse ΛΦΕLife Sciences AuditoriumPhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.20ASIA: Asian History JeopardyASIAHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.20Ronald McDonald House Volunteer TrainingSyracuse MGCRonald McDonald HousePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.19Orange After Dark: Dave and BustersSyracuse UniversityDestiny USASocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.16SASE Regional ConferenceSASEBoston, MA LeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.15Social with ΔΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.14Brotherhood Event: Calvin’s BirthdaySyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕBrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.14Community Service at Ronald McDonald HouseSyracuse MGCRonald McDonald HousePhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.13Brotherhood Event: DeadpoolSyracuse ΛΦΕDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.06Adopt-A-Street with ΚΦΛSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse UniversityPhilanthropyMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.05Whiteout with KASAKASA & Syracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.03Spring 2016 Recruitment: Sports DaySyracuse ΛΦΕArchbold GymnasiumLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.02.02Spring 2016 Recruitment: First General Interest MeetingSyracuse ΛΦΕHall of LanguagesLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.01.31Orange After Dark: GetAir Trampoline ParkSyracuse UniversityGetAir Trampoline ParkSocialMr. Ricky Diep
2016.01.29SASE Cultural Awareness JeopardySASECollege of EngineeringCulturalMr. Ricky Diep
2016.01.20Winter Involvement Fair 2016Syracuse UniversitySchine Student CenterLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2016.01.15ΛΦΕ Spring 2016 International OrientationSyracuse ΛΦΕHall of LanguagesLeadershipMr. Ricky Diep
2015.12.13Fall 2015 Alpha Class FormalsSyracuse ΛΦΕRachel's RestaurantRecognitionMr. Ricky Diep
2015.12.12Adopt-A- Street Community Service EventSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse UniversityPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.19Orange After Dark: Hunger Games Mockingjay Part IISyracuse UniversityDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.14Volunteering at the MOst Musuem: Bridges Build ’Em and Bust ’EmSASEMoST MuseumPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.13Asian/American Studies Presents: Model Minority Trope feat. Sebastian CheungAAAS DepartmentHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.13Orange After Dark: Dave and BustersSyracuse UniversityDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.12It’s On Us feat Syracuse Alumni Vice President Joe BidenSyracuse UniversityHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.11CAAAV FundraisingAAPI Heritage MonthHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.09Dinner with Chancellor Kent SyverudSyracuse UniversityChancellor's HouseLeadershipMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.07Community Service at the CNY Veteran’s Day ParadeCity of SyracuseSyracuse, NYPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.06ASIA Elements of Hip Hop featuring Paul KimASIASchine UndergroundCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.11.05Culture Enrichment Dialogue featuring Eddie HuangSyracuse MGCGoldstein AuditoriumCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.30SU Remembrance Week Rose Laying CeremonySyracuse UniversityRemembrance MemorialPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.30Greek-or-Treat With ATΩSyracuse UniversityWalnut ParkPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.25SU Remembrance Week Candlelight VigilSyracuse UniversityRemembrance MemorialPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.24ΛΦΕ Buffalo Halloween 2015Buffalo ΛΦΕSUNY BuffaloSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.16Orange Madness 2015Syracuse UniversityCarrier DomeSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.14ASIA Immigration Story TellingASIAHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.10.10Brotherhood Apple Picking EventSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse, NYBrotherhoodMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.30MGC Get TogetherSyracuse ΜGCSyracuse ΛΦΕSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.26SU Dollar Day Fundraising for United WaySyracuse UniversityQuadPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.26ASIA Autumn Moon Festival feat. Jennifer CheungASIASchine UndergroundCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.22Hazing Prevention WeekSyracuse UniversitySchine Student CenterLeadershipMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.17ASIA Big/Little Reveal BBQASIACBC ApartmentsCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.13SU Juice Jam 2015Syracuse UniversityManley FieldSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.12ASIA Big/Little Speed DatingASIAHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.09SU Involvement FairSyracuse UniversityQuadLeadershipMr. Hugh Yang
2015.09.07NY State Fair With ΚΦΛCity of SyracuseState Fair GroundsSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.08.28SU Orange BlastSyracuse UniversityCarrier DomeSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.05.24ΛΦΕ Convention 2015ΛΦΕ International FraternityChicago, ILLeadershipMr. Hugh Yang
2015.05.09ΛΦΕ Alpha Alpha Chapter InstallsSUNY Binghamton ΛΦΕBinghamton, NYRecognitionMr. Hugh Yang
2015.05.08Slope Day with Cornell Lambda Phi EpsilonCornell University ΛΦΕCornell UniversitySocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.28Syracuse ΛΦΕ Installs 2015Syracuse ΛΦΕLime Stone GrillRecognitionMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.27AAPI Heritage Month Paving the Way Alumni Speaker Vincent FengAAPI Heritage MonthHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.27ASIA Night 2015ASIASouth CampusCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.24SU Mayfest 2015Syracuse UniversityWalnut ParkSocialMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.23ΣΒΡ Probate Spring 2015Syracuse ΣΒΡQuadCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.19Relay For Life 2015Syracuse UniversityCarrier DomePhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.17SU Greek Week Award CeremonySyracuse UniversityHendrick's ChapelRecognitionMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.16SU Greek Week Feed The Starving ChildrenSyracuse UniversitySchine Student CenterPhilanthropyMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.16AAPI Heritage Month Book Reading With Alex TizonAAPI Heritage MonthHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.15SU Sexual Assault Awareness With ΚΦΛSyracuse ΚΦΛHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.11Project Linus Service Event With ASIAASIAHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.08AAPI Heritage Month Anti-Hating Crime ExhibitAAPI Heritage MonthSchine Student CenterCulturalMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.06SU Greek WeekSyracuse UniversityWalnut ParkLeadershipMr. Hugh Yang
2015.04.05ProbateSyracuse ΛΦΕQuadRecognitionMr. Hugh Yang
2015.03.28Charter Class CrossingSyracuse ΛΦΕSyracuse ΛΦΕRecognitionMr. Hugh Yang
2015.01.29Blood and Bone Marrow Registration Drive with ASIAASIA / Syracuse PrestIGeSchine Student CenterPhilanthropyMr. John Huang
2014.12.07Academic Study TableSyracuse PrestIGeSchine Student CenterLeadershipMr. John Huang
2014.12.06Holiday Candy Sale FundraiserSyracuse PrestIGeLife Sciences AuditoriumPhilanthropyMr. John Huang
2014.12.06Yellow Elephant Gift Exchange with ASIAASIA / Syracuse PrestIGeHall of LanguagesSocialMr. John Huang
2014.11.21All Students Count CampaignSyracuse PrestIGeHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.11.21Brotherhood Movie Night: MockingjaySyracuse PrestIGeDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. John Huang
2014.11.19Brotherhood Potluck and Movie NightSyracuse PrestIGeHall of LanguagesBrotherhoodMr. John Huang
2014.11.14ASIA Thanksgiving PotluckASIAHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.11.14Social with ΚΦΛSyracuse ΚΦΛSyracuse UniversitySocialMr. John Huang
2014.11.11THE General Body Sit In for Student AdvocacyTHE General BodyCrouse Hinds HallCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.11.10ΚΦΛ Asian Awareness Week Tea CeremonySyracuse ΚΦΛHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.11.10ΚΦΛ Asian Awareness Week Spring Roll MakingSyracuse ΚΦΛHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.11.08SASE Service Event at MoSTSASEMoST MuseumPhilanthropyMr. John Huang
2014.11.08Community Service at CNY Veterans Day ParadeCity of SyracuseSyracuse, NYPhilanthropyMr. John Huang
2014.11.08ΛΣΥ ProbateSyracuse ΛΥΛQuadCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.11.01ΛΦΕ Buffalo HalloweenBuffalo ΛΦΕSUNY BuffaloSocialMr. John Huang
2014.10.30LTA ProbateSyracuse ΛΘΑQuadCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.10.27MGC ISIS DialogueSyracuse MGCHall of LanguagesCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.10.26Social with ΝΑΦSyracuse ΝΑΦSyracuse ΝΑΦSocialMr. John Huang
2014.10.25Brotherhood Football at Lawrinson FieldSyracuse PrestIGeLawrinson FieldBrotherhoodMr. John Huang
2014.10.25Brotherhood Dinner at Destiny USASyracuse PrestIGeDestiny USABrotherhoodMr. John Huang
2014.10.24ASIA Elements of Hip HopSyracuse PrestIGeSchine UndergroundCulturalMr. John Huang
2014.10.24Remembrance Week ServiceSyracuse UniversityWhitman AtriumPhilanthropyMr. John Huang
2014.10.20Remembrance Week VigilSyracuse UniversityRemembrance MemorialPhilanthropyMr. John Huang
2014.10.11Basketball ScrimmageΛΦΕArchbold GymnasiumBrotherhoodMr. John Huang
2014.09.27Back To School BBQASIAThornden ParkSocialMr. John Huang

Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that will challenge every aspect of your college life. The road to becoming a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon is not easy as it requires drive and dedication towards achieving the organization’s various goals, but the rewards are well worth it. New members enter into a brotherhood that is rich in tradition and strong in its bonds while learning how to become a leader in their schools, their communities, and the real world. It takes a certain type of man to become a Lambda—someone who wants to become a leader among men.


Perhaps that’s you.


Many brothers have said that the reason they joined Lambda Phi Epsilon was because they could see and feel a sense of brotherhood among the existing members that they could not find elsewhere. However, the brotherhood extends far beyond the reach of a single school. With chapters across the country, brothers have a chance to network with others from all over, bringing with it many new opportunities and friendships. Membership does not end with the undergraduate years. Numerous alumni associations exist all across the country, bringing both newly graduated brothers and those with more experience in the real world to continue their contribution to society.


Lambda Phi Epsilon not only seeks to bring together a diverse group of men who share common interests, concerns, backgrounds, and cultures, but those who show the confidence of a leader. This leadership is pivotal in achieving the goals of the fraternity, which include servicing the community through various philanthropies, increasing Asian awareness, promoting academic scholarship, and strengthening the Asian American voice in the community. Each brother has a vital role in making these goals attainable, and the principles that they learn are passed down to new members in hopes that they will become the next generation of leaders among men.



Name: Mr. Tyler Zhang

Nickname: Halt

Birthday: January 8, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Finance

Membership: Transfer (Cornell)

Social Media  

What I Learned: My new member education process helped me learn that through hard work, my line brothers and I would be able to achieve a greater goal together than by ourselves. We learned to share responsibilities and to work as a group to be efficient. Doing group projects with my classmates was a totally different experience than building brotherhood with my line brothers. Through moments of adversity, I learned how important teamwork was because it made us communicate with one another to form a stronger bond. Overall, this process has made me learn to become a more compassionate and caring person.


Name: Mr. Adrian Leung

Nickname: Cloak

Birthday: July 3, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Computer Science

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: I have grown the most through my new member education process through my ability to speak more freely about what I am thinking. I am not as afraid to be wrong. The majority of the values instilled within my new member education process centralized on how to be a better leader and a more confident man. With the help of my brothers, I was able to find ways where I could develop myself as a leader. Speaking out and sharing opinions with my brothers have allowed me to gain confidence in myself in speaking out to other people.


Name: Mr. Hugh Yang

Nickname: Forge

Birthday: December 11, 1994


Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Systems & Information Systems

Membership: Alumni

Social Media  

What I Learned: I learned about the power of vulnerability and why it is important to stay humble and know how to progress with life based on who you are. It is extremely important that we accept ourselves and make sure that we use that to our advantage to become better people. The intake process constantly motivates me to become a better person by giving back to my community and becoming the change I want to see. As active members of the fraternity, my line brothers and I will inherit larger responsibilities to make sure that our chapter accomplishes the goals that we wish to achieve.


Name: Mr. Kevin Yeung

Nickname: Cannon

Birthday: August 29, 1995

Ethnicity: Chinese

HometownCambridge, MA

Major: Economics

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: I grew up without the opportunity to experience what it is like to have a blood brother or a sister. The Lambda Phi Epsilon new member education process not only enlightened me of the true meaning of brotherhood, but also developed me intensively as a man. Through my intake process, I met an incredible group of guys to share and build experiences. Although we began as complete strangers, going through this process enabled me to realize that we have become such a tightly knit unit. I’m glad to finally find my group—my brothers—whom I have been longing for my whole life.


Name: Mr. Ricky Diep

Nickname: Spike

Birthday: July 15, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese, Vietnamese

Hometown: Quincy, MA

MajorSystems & Information Science

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: My fraternity drives me to be the best individual I can be. It transformed me into a leader ready to lead others by example. Learning about leadership, authenticity, and the bystander effect have been helpful tools guiding me to success. Without my brothers, I would not have as much success as I have today. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, watched me at my lowest point, and raised me to my fullest potential. I have never been able to establish trust so quickly among a group of people, and without them, this experience would have never been the same.


Name: Mr. John Huang

Nickname: Motor

Birthday: August 3, 1994

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: New York, NY

MajorMechanical Engineering

Membership: Alumni

Social Media  

What I Learned: Lambda Phi Epsilon challenges me to embrace new perspectives and makes me think about my career and future as early as my college year. Starting the new education process as late as my junior year of my undergraduate career and getting myself involved in many extracurricular activities on campus—serving as a resident advisor and leading as president of an engineering organization among a number of other roles—I was still able to learn how to be an effective leader and team player. Increased maturity and improved networking with professionals in my field allows me to fulfill my life’s noble purpose.


Name: Mr. Calvin Guo

Nickname: Blitzkrieg

Birthday: February 14, 1996


Hometown: New York, NY

MajorInformation Technology

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood is not something concretely defined. It encompasses everything from my actions to my beliefs and my thoughts. True brotherhood is eternal, and it requires the utmost dedication from within me and my brothers. With challenging tasks that involve chartering a new organization, every single brother utilized his individual talents. I wasn’t sure how I’d fit in, but I realized that even something small can contribute to the bigger picture. Where one person lacked skill, another person was able to make up for it. Lambda Phi Epsilon has given me the opportunity to find brothers I will have for life.


Name: Mr. Justin Lim

Nickname: Everest

Birthday: October 1, 1995

Ethnicity: Korean

Hometown: Northvale, NJ

Major: Information Technology & Finance

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: It’s an impossible task to try and define brotherhood through a static definition—the reason being that the very idea of what brotherhood means is constantly changing. Since brotherhood is such a multi-faceted phenomenon that grows and takes on new life each and every day, the way I define brotherhood grows and changes as well. Brotherly ties are not solely characterized through relationships bound by blood. My brothers and I are connected to one another as a result of shared experiences; strong kin-like relationships involve sacrifice and vulnerability. Brotherhood is a bond that is forged out of respect and love.


Name: Mr. Victor Wong

Nickname: Tremble

Birthday: May 8, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Information Technology

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood is the sense of belonging, that there are people around you that will support you no matter the situation. Brotherhood enables you to find the individual skills you possess and use it to the fullest potential, and this enables you and the brothers to work at their fullest potential. Doing so gives us the ability to work much more collectively as a group to accomplish common goals. In my new member education process, I valued how brotherhood was interwoven into our self-discovery. Learning about our individuality enables us to become more authentic and share our true identity with others.


Name: Mr. Phillip Nguyen

Nickname: SCAR

Birthday: April 15, 1996

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: To me, brotherhood is a bond that you have with people who you hold dearly in your heart. They are the people who will always look out for you, who will always have your back, who will make sacrifices for you even if the cost is great. It’s not something that a person can acquire overnight. A foundation needs to be set first and then it takes time and effort to build the brotherhood to its fullest potential. To me, brothers are eternal and will always love you unconditionally no matter what happens. I’m grateful to have a brotherhood where I know that there will always be someone there to chill with and create new experiences.


Name: Mr. Hein San

Nickname: Stealth

Birthday: April 25, 1997

Ethnicity: Burmese

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Major: Chemical Engineering

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood means being able to support the people you care about through thick and thin. It means sacrificing for the betterment of a brother in need. It doesn’t matter if there is class the next morning; it doesn’t matter if there are other obligations you have to fulfill because when a brother is really in need you go there and help him even if it is just being there. Being able to form a brotherhood is a privilege because there is a give and take. I trust and I know that my brothers will do the same for me. Brotherhood is a never-ending cycle of trust, and once built, cannot be broken.


Name: Mr. Tim Wong

Nickname: Shockwave

Birthday: March 4, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major: Computer Engineer

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Growing up, I’ve always wanted a brother who can play video games, engage in sports, and guide me to push through in tough situations. I think my fundamental definition of brotherhood has been shaped by that. I feel that brotherhood is about supporting one another, lifelong mentorship, and sacrifice. In an ideal brotherhood, no one is isolated and alone. Brothers may not see each other every day or hang out with each other frequently, but they will unconditionally be there for each other in times of need. Brotherhood is also an eternal mentorship—you grow up with other people and you constantly develop over time.


Name: Mr. Richard Yang

Nickname: Tesla

Birthday: August 12, 1997

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

Major: Finance

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood to me is the intangible bond that people experience with each other through the memories they have shared. It is where those who have gone through thick and thin will continue lend support. Brothers will act towards your best interest regardless of how far apart you may drift. Every time I come home from holidays, I was actually more excited to see the rest of the bros than any friend group. From that point forward, I knew that these people have grown past acquaintances but have, in my eyes, grown into brothers that are willing to sacrifice and look out for me. 


Name: Mr. Ivan Huang

Nickname: Bravo

Birthday: July 2, 1997

Ethnicity: Fujianese

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Information Technology

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Growing up in a community where people around you speak different language is very difficult when it comes to socializing. I didn’t have many friends growing up, so I always looked up to my brother and family. Therefore, brotherhood means a great deal to me because brotherhood is what made me who I am today. Brotherhood is trust, unconditional love, and unyielding support. In my opinion, trust is the most important part brotherhood because if one does not trust his brother, one can never truly be authentic. What unconditional love means in a brotherhood to me is knowing that someone is always there to help and support in any way they can.


Name: Mr. Vincent Grimaldi

Nickname: D.R.I.F.T.

Birthday: March 2, 1997

Ethnicity: Venezuelan

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Major: International Relations

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood is the sense of belonging, that there are people around you that will support you no matter the situation. Brotherhood enables you to find the individual skills you possess and use it to the fullest potential, and this enables you and the brothers to work at their fullest potential. Doing so gives us the ability to work much more collectively as a group to accomplish common goals. In my new member education process, I valued how brotherhood was interwoven into our self-discovery. Learning about our individuality enables us to become more authentic and share our true identity with others.

Name: Mr. Tristan Lee

Nickname: Mirai

Birthday: August 18, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Major: Landscape Architecture

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned:  I’ve learned that the lack of confidence holds me back in more ways than one. In order for me to achieve a task, I must first believe that I can do it before anyone else does. I also learned that by pushing myself to the limit, I have the potential to achieve so much more than I ever thought I could, which has helped me grow as a person. The new member education process gave me the clarity to make sound decisions and the confidence to defend them. Embracing challenges is a fundamental part of personal growth, which is key to living an authentic, fulfilling life.

Name: Mr. Joseph Paguyo

Nickname: SOL

Birthday: January 9, 1997

Ethnicity: Filipino

Hometown: Captain Cook, HI

Major: Psychology

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned:  I’ve come to learn it’s not about what I don’t have—it’s about learning how to utilize my unique skills and abilities to my fullest potential. Obstacles and problems are unavoidable, but having an attitude to continue moving forward and to stay resilient is critical to growth. We should spend our lives as a continuous journey of improving ourselves and knowing who we are as an individual. Throughout the remainder of my life, I will take more risks and stop playing it so safe. And in doing so, I uphold the bonds of brotherhood by living my noble purpose.

Name: Mr. Mitchell Liang

Nickname: K.I.T.H.

Birthday: May 29, 1998

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: Queens, NY

Major: System and Information Science

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Growing up in Queens, I always found myself in a diverse community. There were many Asian Americans just like me around every corner or so. In my high school, Caucasian students were the minority. Everyone felt on the same page and social debates about our community were the norm and almost necessary to further educate everyone. When I had arrived to Syracuse University, I suddenly felt out of place. For the first time, the magnitude of being a minority had hit me, along with the ignorance. With this brotherhood, I had found my place again. Again I found myself on the same page with others, but now with such deeper significance and on a much larger spectrum. Few places are you able to find a group that is willing to sacrifice for the progress of others. To achieve personal growth, it is impossible singlehandedly. In this brotherhood, hands reach out in all directions. They extend from places you would have never imagined, but they all intend the same.

Name: Mr. Nagwang Gyamtso

Nickname: X-OVER

Birthday: December 3, 1998

Ethnicity: Tibetan

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: System and Information Science

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood is a relationship which is reciprocated. When one side gives up a lot for the other, the other should respond with the same amount of effort. I learned a lot about myself as a person and I came to a lot of realizations. One of the most significant observations I have realized about myself is that I tend to take initiative when working in groups and take charge during projects. Discovering this characteristic of mine made me more confident in the way I carry myself and the way I present myself to the world. When I see things happening that I feel is wrong, I no longer become a bystander. Instead, I take action for things that I would feel afraid to do before I went through this process.

Name: Mr. Vincent Tu


Birthday: November 12, 1997

Ethnicity: Taiwanese

Hometown: West Hartford, CT

Major: Information Management and Technology

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: Trust is so hard to gain, yet so easy to lose. It requires time and effort, two steps that many people neglect to take in building relationships. However brotherhood is different, brotherhood hinges on trust. Brothers trust one another with their innermost secrets, they trust in each others judgment on a range of issues, and they trust each other to “have one another’s back” through thick and thin. Moreover, trust is fundamental in creating the unconditional love on which a brotherhood depends

Name: Mr. Tyler Yong

Nickname: THE K.I.D.

Birthday: August 12, 1998

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Interior Design

Membership: Inactive

Social Media  

What I Learned: Brotherhood is about sacrifice—giving all that you have to the brother next to you knowing that they would do the same. It is about helping each other up at their lowest points. And it entails being next to these brothers when they reach success. No matter where I am in life, I know that I will forever have brothers there for me helping me any way they can in order for me to reach my fullest potential. Joining this family was one of the best decisions I have made and I know that this brotherhood is for life. Nothing can break the bond we have for each other and nothing can stop us from reaching our fullest potential.

Name: Mr. Thomas Shen

Nickname: $HIFT

Birthday: November 11, 1996

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Major: Information Management and Technology

Membership: Active

Social Media  

What I Learned: To me, brotherhood means more than anything. I’ve been saying this from the start and I’ll still say it now: brotherhood is a bond that is tighter than blood. Growing up as the only child, I never had a brother to look up to, so I put my faith in people that I trust whom I would never allow myself to let down. To me, brotherhood is something that functions beyond reason or logic. Brothers do not hesitate to help each other out in times of need with no questions asked—it’s always been that simple. I would risk my life for my brothers and I trust that they would do the same for me.


2017 Executive Board

President: Mr. Richard Yang
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Mr. Phillip Nguyen
Vice President of External Affairs: Mr. Tim Wong
Vice President of Communications: Mr. Hein San
Vice President of Finance: Mr. Ivan Huang


2017 Cabinet

Academic Chair: Mr. Ivan Huang
Alumni Chair: Mr. Phillip Nguyen
Athletic Chair: Mr. Ivan Huang & Mr. Justin Lim
Brotherhood Chair: Mr. Ivan Huang
Cultural Chair: Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Convention Chair: Mr. Richard Yang
Formals Chair: Mr. Hein San & Mr. Phillip Nguyen
Fundraising Chair: Mr. Tim Wong
Graphic Design: Mr. Tristan Lee

2017 Cabinet (Continued)

Historian: Mr. Richard & Mr. Adrian Leung
House Chair: Mr. Richard Yang
Parliamentarian: Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Philanthropy Chair: Mr. Tim Wong & Mr. Victor Wong
Public Relations Chair: Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Rush Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo & Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Social Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo & Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Step Master: Mr. Phillip Nguyen
Web Developer: Mr. Tim Wong


2017 Advisers

Alumni Adviser: Mr Bryan Dosono
Faculty Adviser: Mr. Huey Hsaio
Organizational Consultant: Mr. Jason Nova
Regional Governor: Mr. Peter Chung


2016 Executive Board

President: Mr. Ricky Diep
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Mr. Adrian Leung
Vice President of External Affairs: Mr. Calvin Guo
Vice President of Communications: Mr. Kevin Yeung
Vice President of Finance: Mr. Justin J. Lim


2016 Cabinet

Academic Chair: Mr. Ricky Diep & Mr. Hein San
Alumni Chair: Mr. Adrian Leung & Mr. Phillip Nguyen
Athletic Chair: Mr. Justin J. Lim & Mr. Ivan Huang
Brotherhood Chair: Mr. Kevin Yeung & Mr. Justin Lim
Cultural Chair: Mr. Victor A. Wong & Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Convention Chair: Mr. Ricky Diep & Mr. Richard Yang
Formals Chair: Mr. Kevin Yeung & Mr. Hein San
Fundraising Chair: Mr. Victor A. Wong & Mr. Justin J. Lim
Graphic Designer: Mr. Ricky Diep & Mr. Richard Yang

2016 Cabinet (Continued)

Historian: Mr. Vincent Grimaldi & Mr. Richard Yang
House Chair: Mr. Justin J. Lim & Mr. Adrian Leung
Parliamentarian: Mr. Victor A. Wong & Mr. Philip Nguyen
Philanthropy Chair: Mr. Victor A. Wong & Mr. Tim Wong
Public Relations Chair: Mr. Kevin Yeung & Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Rush Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo & Mr. Justin Lim
Social Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo & Mr. Vincent Grimaldi
Step Master: Mr. Philip Nguyen & Mr. Adrian Leung
Web Developer: Mr. Ricky Diep & Mr. Tim Wong


2016 Advisers

Alumni Adviser: Mr Bryan Dosono
Faculty Adviser: Mr. Huey Hsaio
Organizational Consultant: Mr. Jason Nova
Regional Governor: Mr. Jacky Man

2014 Leadership

2015 Executive Board
President: Mr. Hugh Yang
Vice President of Internal Affairs: Mr. Ricky Diep
Vice President of External Affairs: Mr. John Huang
Vice President of Communications: Mr. Adrian Leung
Vice President of Finance: Mr. Calvin Guo


2015 Cabinet
Academic Chair: Mr. Ricky Diep
Alumni Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo
Athletic Chair: Mr. Kevin Yeung
Brotherhood Chair: Mr. Kevin Yeung
Cultural Chair: Mr. John Huang
Convention Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo
Formals Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo
Fundraising Chair: Mr. Hugh Yang & Mr. Ricky Diep
Graphic Designer: Mr. Adrian Leung

2015 Cabinet (Continued)
Greek Relations: Mr. Calvin Guo & Mr. Adrian Leung
Historian: Mr. Adrian Leung
House Chair: Mr. Hugh Yang
Parliamentarian: Mr. Adrian Leung
Philanthropy Chair: Mr. John Huang
Public Relations Chair: Mr. John Huang
Rush Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo & Mr. Kevin Yeung
Social Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo
Step Master: Mr. Adrian Leung
Web Developer: Mr. Ricky Diep


2015 Advisers
Alumni Adviser: Mr. Bryan Dosono
Faculty Adviser: Mr. Huey Hsiao
Organizational Consultant: Mr. Jason Nova
Regional Governor: Mr. Jacky Man

2014 Leadership

Interest Group Leadership

President: Mr. John Huang
Vice President: Mr. Hugh Yang
Secretary: Mr. Calvin Guo
Treasurer: Mr. Ricky Diep
Academics Chair: Mr. Tyler Zhang
Brotherhood Chair: Mr. Kevin Yeung
Cultural Chair: Mr. Tyler Zhang
Fundraising Chair: Mr. Ricky Diep
Historian: Mr. Adrian Leung
Philanthropy Chair: Mr. Ricky Diep
Social Chair: Mr. Calvin Guo
Step Master: Mr. Adrian Leung

2014 Advisers
Alumni Adviser: Mr. Bryan Dosono, Mr. Vu Tran
Northeast Expansion Chair: Mr. Alvin Phun
Organizational Consultant: Mr. Eddie Banks-Crosson



Honor Roll

Dean’s List (2013-2016): Mr. Hugh Yang

Dean’s List (2014-2016): Mr. Ricky Diep

Dean’s List (2014-2015): Mr. Tyler Zhang

Dean’s List (2015 – 2016): Mr. Victor Wong

Dean’s List (2015 – 2016): Mr. Justin Lim

Dean’s List (2015 – 2016): Mr. Ivan Huang

Competitive Scholarships

Remembrance Scholar (2015-16): Mr. John Huang

Remembrance Scholar (2015-16): Mr. Hugh Yang


Honorary Memberships

Order of Omega (2016): Mr. John Huang

Order of Omega (2016): Mr. Hugh Yang


Asian Students in America

Social Chair (2016-17): Mr. Vincent Grimaldi

Political Education Chair (2016-17): Mr. Ivan Huang

Political Education Chair (2015-2016): Mr. Victor Wong

Public Relations Chair (2015-2016): Mr. Kevin Yeung

Freshman Representative (2014-2015): Mr. Ricky Diep


Association of Computing Machinery

Treasurer (2014-2016): Mr. Hugh Yang

Member (2015-2016): Mr. Ricky Diep


Multicultural Greek Council

Vice President: Mr. Justin Lim

Treasurer (2015-2016): Mr. Calvin Guo


Wellslink Leadership Program

Wellslink Scholar (2012-2013): Mr. Hugh Yang

Wellslink Peer Leader (2014-2016): Mr. Hugh Yang

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

Secretary (2016-17): Mr. Hein San

Public Relations Chair (2015-16): Mr. John Huang

President (2014-15): Mr. John Huang

Academic Chair (2012-14): Mr. John Huang


College of Engineering & Computer Science Excelerators

Member (2014-2015): Mr. Ricky Diep


Office of Residence Life

Resident Adviser (2015-16): Mr. Ricky Diep

Resident Adviser (2013-15): Mr. John Huang

Main Desk Assistant (2012-2013): Mr. John Huang



Vice President (2015-16): Mr. Justin Lim


Global Reservoir

Treasurer  (2015-16): Mr. Justin Lim


Corporate Internships

JP Morgan Chase & Co. (2013-2015): Mr. Hugh Yang

JP Morgan Chase & Co. (2014-2015): Mr. John Huang

General Electric Corporate (2015): Mr. Hugh Yang

Exelon Nuclear (2016): Mr. Justin Lim

General Electric Aviation (2016): Mr. Ricky Diep


Corporate Careers

Ernst & Young (2016): Mr. John Huang

Ernst & Young (2016): Mr. Hugh Yang

Higher Education

MIT/Wellesley Upward Bound Teaching Assistant (2015): Mr. Kevin Yeung

Columbia University REU Program (2013- 2014): Mr. John Huang

SU Information Technology and Services (2012-2016): Mr. John Huang

SU Mechanical Engineering Department Research Assistant (2014-2015): Mr. John Huang

SU Information Technology and Services  (2015 -2016): Mr. Ricky Diep

Fraternity Awards

Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc.

Rising Leaders Among Men Scholarship (2015): Mr. John Huang

Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute Scholarship (2015): Mr. John Huang

Syracuse University Associate Chapter

Unsung Hero (2015): Mr. John Huang

Academic All-Star (2015): Mr. Tyler Zhang

Lambda of the Year (2015): Mr. Kevin Yeung

Unsung Hero (2016): Mr. Victor Wong

Academic All-Star (2016): Mr. Ricky Diep

Lambda of the Year (2016): Mr. Hugh Yang


Office of Student Activities: 44 Stars of Excellence Awards

Outstanding Philanthropy Programming Award (2016)

Macy’s Rising Star Award (2016)

International Services’ Award for Cultural Diversity: Calvin Guo (2016)

Award for Excellence by an Organizational Advisor: Huey Hsiao (2016)

Vice President’s Award for Outstanding Senior Leadership: Hugh Yang (2016)

Fraternity and Sorority Affairs: Greek Awards

GOLD Five-Star Syracuse University Greek Accreditation (2017)

2nd Place for Greek Week: ΛΦΕ, ΦΚΨ, ΣΔΤ, ΩΦΒ (2016)

3rd Place for Greek Week: ΛΦΕ, ΔΓ, ΔΤΔ, ΔΚA, ΣΛΥ (2015)

International Convention Fraternity Awards

Outstanding Philanthropic Chapter Excellence (2017)

NAPA Standards of Excellence Awards

Oustanding Educational Programming (2017)

Advisor of the Year: Huey Hsiao (2017)